Lifting and Construction

Lifting and Construction


Lifting and Construction

Beck Helicopters Ltd are New Zealand’s longest surviving, family owned and operated helicopter company, being established in 1972, and operating continuously till today. We are also amongst the safest helicopter operators in the country, being the first company in the country to receive the prestigious New Zealand Helicopter Association Gold safety medal for in excess of 20 years operations with no injury to passengers or crew. All this has been achieved while undertaking what is acknowledged as the more hazardous types of helicopter operations, including Agricultural and Sling Load Operations.

Medium Lift Capacity

Beck Helicopters are able to provide Medium Lift Helicopter Capacity up to 1,818 kg maximum lift capacity. This lifting capacity can provide efficiency, speed and increased safety, with the helicopter being overhead any loading / unloading site a reduced amount of times. Numerous operations throughout the country have taken advantage of the additional capacity of the Medium lift helicopters flown by our highly experienced pilots.

Small Responsive Company

Beck Helicopters is a relatively small, responsive Helicopter Company that has concentrated on growing into heavier lift operations, rather than large numbers of small helicopters. This allows us to keep a small group of highly skilled precision lift pilots available for operations year round. We are able to ensure that all operations are well looked after by our CEO and Operations Manager. By concentrating on specialized aircraft and services, we have developed a worldwide demand for our services, with our pilots and engineers, travelling to Australia, the USA, Canada and Europe to work and provide advice.

CAA Certified Part 145 Maintenance / Overhaul

Beck Helicopters are the only Helicopter Operator in New Zealand that can provide medium category helicopter lifting services to you, with all Maintenance and Overhauls undertaken by our own in house certified Maintenance personnel. We have personnel who are certified to release our UH1 Helicopters to Service, including some of the most experienced Medium Category Helicopter Engineers in the country.


Only Beck Helicopters can offer the safest Medium Category external load helicopter operation in the Country. We have operated Medium Lift helicopters for in excess of 20 years, with all flying being undertaken in the higher risk areas of Agricultural, Logging and Lifting operations and have never had an accident or incident in that time. We are also the only Medium lift helicopter operator to have achieved a New Zealand Helicopter Association Gold Safety Award for having in excess of 20 years operations without an injury, to passengers or crew.

Best Mix of Environmental Efficiency, Aircraft Capacity and Safety

By mixing the large 1,818 kg lifting Capacity, along with a 500kg 4 passenger Bell Jet Ranger, Beck Helicopters can provide efficient helicopter capacity along with the safest helicopters available. The large lifting capacity of our Iroquois Helicopters with their fuel efficiency creates the most environmentally efficient helicopter available in the country. In addition to this our Bell Jet Ranger helicopters are the most fuel efficient 4 passenger helicopters available, with a large baggage compartment to supplement the passenger seating area. All this is available in a helicopter that is able to use the same size landing pad as a smaller R44 helicopter. Both the Bell 206 and UH1 are acknowledged as being among the safest in the world, with the Jet Ranger holding the record for safest civilian helicopter for decades.

Ground Crew / Staff Training

We normally provide ground crew for all helicopter operations. This provides both Beck Helicopters and our client with the faith that all operations will be undertaken safely. While sometimes onsite client staff will have Helicopter Operations experience we would initially have our own Ground Crew provide onsite and on the job checking / training of clients staff if deemed necessary to utilize them. This will make certain that everything possible is done to ensure that the operations can be undertaken safely. We also have all appropriate PPE for all our staff, as well as portable radios, that can be programmed to client channels if required.

Aircraft Tracking / Location

With our onboard TracPlus Satellite tracking system installed on all helicopters that we operate, we are able to track at varying time intervals, normally 3 minute points, exactly where our helicopters are at any point in time. This system provides additional safety as we have up to date information at all times. Aircraft are tracked by Head Office staff at all times, with Emergency Response plans in place for any eventuality.


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