Scenic Flights

Scenic Flights

Mount Egmont/Taranaki – Breathtaking scenery

What a fantastic way to see Mt Egmont/Taranaki!

Seeing is believing . . . flying around the icy summit of Mount Egmont 2518m/8260ft a panoramic view of Taranaki is all yours.

Along the way you will see Mt Egmont’s most breathtaking scenery as you loop around the mountain. You’ll see valleys, bush topped ridges, waterfalls and lakes . . . words don’t fully explain it, but your cameras will.
We have seating in our Jet Ranger for maximum of 4 passengers per flight.


Below are some options. We suggest you choose an option that occupies all four seats, that way the group (a family or group of friends) can take the flight when it suits them rather than having to wait for other seats to be occupied before takeoff. (This is the most economical option for price per seat)

Option 1

Scenic Mountain Flights
(Approx. 25-30 minutes)
Our Bell 206 Jet Ranger seats 4 passengers
Flights depart from our depot at:
4512 Mountain Road, Eltham
X 1 – Person   $1460   p/p
X2 – People    $730   p/p
X3 – People    $485   p/p
X4 – People   $365   p/p

You may purchase 1, 2 or 3 seats for individuals @ the $365/seat if you prefer but we will then need to fill the remaining seats to have all four seats occupied before takeoff.


Option 2

A second option is to hire the helicopter by the hour or part thereof ($2800/hr incl GST).  This way you can travel wherever you like. For example you may wish to have one group of 4 people fly from the depot here in Eltham to say, Mike’s Brewery or Okurukuru where you could meet up with another group of 4.  The second group then trade places with the first group and travel back to the depot by helicopter.

Gift Vouchers Available



Purchase one of our Gift Vouchers and give a gift that will be remembered for a lifetime.  All of our flights can be purchased with a specified date or with an open date – the choice is yours!
Remember though all flights are weather dependent and

there are weight and size limits for each seat within the helicopter

 Flights are available from our depot at:

4512 Mountain Road (SHY 3)

Eltham see map




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