Maintenance and Overhaul

Maintenance and Overhaul

PART 145 Certified – Maintenance repair and component overhaul


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Beck Helicopters Ltd began with a single Bell 47 helicopter, a small hangar and small staff base but has since grown to one which now operates three Bell Iroquois and one Bell Jet Ranger helicopter across New Zealand.


With more than 20 years experience in maintaining its own fleet, Beck Helicopters holds the Civil Aviation Authority’s comprehensive Part 145 Certificate. This allows the company to offer comprehensive aircraft maintenance, repair and component overhaul services.


Beck Helicopters is the only company licensed for overhauling Iroquois airframes and components in New Zealand. Helicopter parts from New Zealand and off-shore regularly arrive at the Eltham workshop for repair and maintenance.


Beck Helicopters is progressively forging new relationships and through continuing innovation is able to deliver unmatched services, from minor inspections to specialised component replacement and overhaul.


With thousands of hours as commercial pilots, we know the challenges that can be thrown your way. We recognise and appreciate what a difference it makes having total confidence in your aircraft and the organisation that maintains it.


Beck Helicopters has regular auditing and staff have regular training. Our maintenance team is provided with calibrated equipment and specialist precision tooling as well as a clean, organised, fully equipped facility with efficient support.


With its industry unique combination of helicopters, experienced engineering staff and specialist maintenance facility, Beck Helicopters is able to meet and exceed the aviation requirements of operators around the globe.


Contact us for return to service (RTS) T53 and any hot section inspection requirements.

Honeywell T53, Rolls Royce 250 Series

Bell 204/212 Stabilizer Bar Assembly

Bell 204/206/206L/212 Mast Assembly

Bell 204/206/206L/212 Transmission

Bell 204/206/206L/212 Hydraulic Servos

Bell 206/206L Freewheel Unit

Bell 204/212 42 Gearbox

Bell 204/206/212 90 Gearbox

Bell 204, Bell 205, and Bell 206 series

Bell 204/206/206L/212 Main Rotor Head Assembly

Bell 204/212 Scissors and Sleeve Assembly

Bell 204/206/206L/212 Swashplate and Support Assembly

Bell 204/205/212 Input Quill Assembly

Bell 204/206/206L/212 Main Drive Shaft Assembly

Bell 204/206/206L/212 Tail Rotor Hangar Assembly

Bell 204/206/206L/212 Tail Rotor Hub Assembly

Matthew Beck

Engineering Manager (Overhaul)

7 years Engineering air/ground operations
Brush Electroplating Operator Certificate
Controlled Substance Licence
Dangerous Goods Licence
Growsafe Certificate
First Aid Certificate

Ken Domonkos 

Chief Engineer (Overhaul)


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