Fertiliser application



Agricultural fertiliser application: The main focus of our agricultural operations is solid fertiliser application on farmland or forestry blocks. Utilising our own design hoppers and UTS GPS units, we are able to apply solid fertiliser to agricultural pasture or forests extremely accurately, and the advent of GPS technology, has improved the accuracy of topdressing on agricultural land. During the early 1980’s our chief pilot travelled to Australia to help set up the first Helicopter agricultural topdressing operation in Western Australia.


At Beck Helicopters we take safety very seriously, as do most operators. Alan Beck is the elected chairman of the New Zealand Agricultural Aviation Association (NZAAA) which exists to ensure the sustainability of agricultural aviation in New Zealand. Among its aims is to develop


and advocate for best practice in flight and environmental safety. Technology has helped advance safety and accuracy. GPS systems can insure fertiliser and sprays are targeted precisely, not only ensuring farmers and growers achieve the best value for money, but also protecting the environment.


Alan advocates for the continued safe use of agricultural products applied from the air. This is not just to protect the livelihood of NZAAA members; it is also to protect the right and ability of New Zealand farmers and growers to continue to produce food for the world. In parts of Europe pressure from green groups has made it impossible to spray or apply sprays from the air.

Fertiliser Aerial Application

To aerially spread fertiliser, you have two choices; Drop it out a hole from a plane and hope it reaches the target area or feed it through a powered spinner knowing that it will spread evenly across the swath.


At Beck Helicopters Ltd we utilise “Super Huey” Iroquois helicopters equipped with under slung spreader and powered spinner, a unique transport and loading system, GPS accuracy and 40 years experience to deliver your fertiliser where you want it. All at a price that is pretty damn competitive. No other company has spread as much fertiliser by helicopter as we have.


At Beck’s nothing is left to chance. Place your order for spreading through the 0800 number and we will transport your fertiliser in bulk to your farm with our fleet of specially designed rigs that are able to load directly into the spreader bucket under the hovering helicopter. This method enables us to load from a tanker track or virtually any suitable open area. This means no wet fertiliser, no wastage, no expensive bins or loaders, no hassles; saving you time and money!



Maize Crops

Consider the advantages of using Beck Helicopters this season. Urea, cartage and application, all inclusive for one low per hectare price. No crop damage from truck or tractor wheels, a good even spread and a fast accurate service – the net result being a higher crop yield.


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